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WeSteer - Support Actions for creating a cluster based on research





The project  "WeSteer – Support Actions for the emergence of a research - driven automotive cluster in West Romania"-  was elaborated by the Regional Development Agency West Region in partership with the "Politehnica" University Timisoara, Interpart Production and "Tehimpuls" Association. From this consortium, RDA West, Politehnica University Timisoara and Interpart Production are founding members of the Automotivest Association.

The project aims to facilitate the formation of a cluster in the automotive sector through a series of institutional consolidation actions and by encouraging the cooperation between the university environment and the business one. Following the evaluation process, the WeSteer project was short-listed by the European Commission from the 125 projects sent in response to the "Regions of Knowledge-2" call for projects within the EU's Framework Programme 7.

WeSteer is one of the 5 projects funded within the call for project proposals throughout Europe.

The Politehnica University of Timişoara (UPT), one of the largest and best known universities in Central and Eastern Europe, participates in this project based on its explicit interest to synchronize its own strategies and academic policies with the needs of the local industry. UPT's role in the WeSteer project is that of coordinating the work package Actions Supporting Cooperation between the Research Field and the SME's in the Automotive Sector.

Interpart Production was founded in 2004 by Banu Invest, together with the SEAF Investment Fund. The company specializes in the technology of plastic injection, plastic painting and decorating, as well as installing these parts into subassemblies. Interpart's role in the project is to coordinate the work package regarding information and communication. Furthermore, Interpart will be actively involved in this initiative as a direct beneficiary of the business-to-academia cooperation pilot project. The aim of this pilot project is for the UPT specialists to identify a solution regarding the techniques of automatic generation of complex trajectories for numerical control machines, a solution that will then be implemented into Interpart's production system.

The Tehimpuls Association – Regional Centre for Innovation and Technological transfer is a project institution set up within the Regional Innovation Strategy for the West Region. The association was founded in September 2006 and aims to stimulate the regional economy and increase regional companies' competitive capacity by promoting innovation and technological development. The presence of Tehimpuls in the WeSteer project is directly linked with the organization's aim to promote the cooperative initiatives between enterprises and RDI institutions. TehImpuls's role in the WeSteer project is to coordinate the work package regarding cognitive consolidation and international networking

Worck package list  (WPs):
WP1: Institutional set-up for a research-driven automotive cluster in West Region
WP2:  Support for Co-Operation between R&D actors and Automotive SMEs 
WP3:Information and Communication
WP4: Training and Education
WP5: Evaluation and Dissemination
WP6: Project Management


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