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Cross border project PHARE CBC Romania - Serbia 2004- 2006


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  Title: Promoting economic growth in the border area  between Romania and Serbia by strengthening and expanding in a border direction, structures for the cluster type of machine building industry, and in species, for automotive subsector

Nr. contract: RO 2006/018-448.01.01.03

Project funded under Cross Border Programme Romania - Serbia 2004-2006

Duration: 14 months

Parteners: „Automotivest Association  („Politehnica” University from Timişoara, „Aurel Vlaicu” University from Arad, Regional Development Agency of the West Region Romania, Arad Cityhall, Timişoara Cityhall, Arad Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, Timişoara Chamber of Industry, Commerce and Agriculture, Inteliform ltd., Interpart ltd., Neferprod ltd) and Regional Agency for Socio-Econmic Development Banat

General obiective: Support for a sustainable development of the border area between Romania and Serbia through activities aiming at the improvement of the institutional support framework for the SMEs from the machine building industry and automotive subsector which are active in the project’s impact area. 

Activities :

1. Institutional Building and Cross-Border Integration

2. Professional Formation

3.Promotion and Communication

4.Internationalisation and Dissemination

Beneficiaries: Small and Medium Sized Enterprises which are active in the machine building and, particularly, in the automotive subsector in the eligible area, educational insititions for machine builiding industry, the whole machine building industry sector in the border area between Romania and Serbia

Expected Results:

1. Creation of a functioning transborder network that will help integrate firms and business support organisations from Serbia with the emerging automotive cluster in West Romania

2.Increased operational capacity of the cluster management unit and improvement of the competencies of the personnel active in the business and cluster support organizations, in particular with regard with the issues pertaining to the management of cross-border relations

3. Improvement of the professional competencies of the employees from the SMEs participating in this project

4. Improvement of the professional competencies of the employees from the educational institutions participating in this project  

5. Cluster Promotion at international and networking with relevant european clusters, particularly with those active at cross-border level




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